Fontainebleau gains approval to open 13 December
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Fontainebleau gains approval to open 13 December

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Fontainebleau has won regulatory approval in Nevada, giving the $3.7bn Las Vegas Strip casino approval to open its doors in December, as reported by the Las Vegas Review-Journal and the Nevada Independent.

The casino has been gearing up for launch since the company re-acquired the unfinished building in 2021, which had initially begun construction in 2007 but was paused due to financial challenges. Now, Fontainebleau has received state approval, with the casino scheduled to open to the public on 13 December. The building is 67 stories tall and will offer nearly 3,700 rooms.  

The casino is set to open following a private reception and will host a New Year’s celebration just two weeks after opening that will include singer Post Malone taking to the BleauLive Theater stage.  

It was reported that it took the Gaming Commission just 30 minutes to approve Fontainebleau’s gaming licence. Jeffrey Soffer, CEO of Fontainebleau, told the Nevada Gaming Commission on Thursday: “It's been a long time and [the Fontainebleau] has been talked about through the years."

According to Soffer, the approved gaming licence “marks a pivotal milestone in our journey and we are deeply appreciative of the trust and confidence that commission members have placed [on the resort].” 

The resort is expected to play host to a 150,Play Casino Online000-square-foot casino, with an estimated 1,300 slot machines and over 120 tables. Moreover, there are expected to be over 35 restaurants on the property, which are already accepting reservations.

Fontainebleau President Mark Tricano expects that the casino will generate over 7,000 jobs, with 6,500 filled by opening day. We had the chance to speak to Tricano in the lead-up to the casino's launch, an interview you can read in the upcoming January/ February issue of Gaming America magazine.  

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