Everi Payments announces victory in US Court lawsuits
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Everi Payments announces victory in US Court lawsuits

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Everi Payments, the FinTech subsidiary of Everi Holdings, has released a statement announcing its victory in the US courts following a patent lawsuit against Sightline.

The original motion was filed by Sightline Payments on 30 September 2021, at the US District Court for the Western District of Texas, under Sightline Payments LLC v. Everi Holdings Inc., et al, No. 6:21-cv-01015-ADA.

The lawsuit saw Sightline accuse Everi of commercialising a product, the CashClub Wallet, that allegedly infringed on several of Sighlines patents “that allow for cashless transactions used in casino gaming offerings and non-gaming spend.”

However, this was dismissed on 1 June 2022 by US District Judge Alan Albright.

The dismissal stated that: “The Complaint does not plead facts to establish that Everi Games Holding ‘itself engaged in infringing acts.’

“Plaintiff primarily only alleges that the CashClub Wallet infringes; because the Complaint does not connect Everi Games Holding to the CashClub Wallet, it does not allege how Everi Games Holding commits infringement.

“This Court will not, therefore, accept as true Plaintiff's threadbare allegations that any Defendant,blackjack 21 including Everi Games, committed an act of infringement in this District.”

In response to this, Everi filed a petition to the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) in the US, challenging the claims previously made against it.

The PTAB issued five Final Written Decisions, from 30 August 2023 onwards, holding that all of the patent claims asserted by Sightline against Everi were "unpatentable."

Kate Lowenhar-Fisher, Everi Chief Legal Officer said, "Everi is gratified that after reviewing all of the facts and testimony, the PTAB found in our favour.

“As with all litigation, there is uncertainty and additional appeals may be forthcoming.

“Our company will continue to provide its best-in-class technology while respecting the valid intellectual property rights of others."

In other legal and regulatory news, MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment face lawsuits over their recent data breaches.

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